S&T provides essentials that embody the ease and elegance of California living.

S&T debuts in 2015 with FOR SUNDAY, a collection of garments that balance comfort and simplicity with tailored design. Each piece is created to carry a woman seamlessly through her day—from Sunday to everyday; from indoor to outdoor; from morning to midnight. FOR SUNDAY is designed and made in Los Angeles.


S&T are Simonette Lowy & Tannis Mann

The two friends have been collaborating since childhood. Today, they continue that tradition through S&T. Working as designers and curators, Simonette and Tannis translate their mutual appreciation for a laid-back lifestyle, effortless fashion and pretty things into their emerging brand.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Simonette moved to Los Angeles at age 3. She considers herself a Los Angeles native raised with Australian sensibilities. Her studies in Art History, experiences abroad and love of classicism influence each element of S&T.

A Los Angeles native, Tannis was influenced by visual story telling at a young age. She grew up watching her mother, a set decorator in Hollywood, select and adorn for film sets. To this day, she fuses creativity with practicality in a unique way that celebrates fluidity and art.